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  1. Hey bro I can help u but we can do a trade MY ICQ :72847205
  2. Thanks bro for sharing this information Pls do u have any cvv shop legit where i can buy good cc MY ICQ :72847205
  3. the admin is too slow to load a balance
  4. He bro I loaded my account on cvvblack since morning but still don't show up on my balance i just want to know if takes long to credited the balance Tks
  5. Hello Can u help me to get invite code from joker stash
  6. Hello Equinoxx U know that cvvblack.cc is the scammer but you keep telling people to go buy cc there that's no right bro I loaded $50 my account and my balance has never be added Stop the fucking game
  7. beware bro blackcvv.cc is the scam this guy equinoxx lies to you
  8. Hello bro Thank u so much for sharing the shop and appreciate also ur help skyface
  9. Hello bro I'm interested to deal with you let me your icq or telegram My icq:72847205
  10. Hello fellas I have couples shops but those aren't sell france cvv but if someone has a cvv shop where i can buy some france cc we can do a trade Marechal
  11. Hey bro I'm interested to get the shop how we can open the deal ? MY ICQ :72847205
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