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  1. Atleast 500 on it, i will pay for more and only purchase from you if the card works. Must be able to be linked to paypal! If it works for what i need, i will work with you to cashout and more stuff.
  2. add me on discord ﮿𓀐𓂸﮿𓀐𓂸﮿#9476
  3. This goes in Request Freebies dude, just a heads up
  4. i will take the card if possible
  5. what is your chaturbate username?
  6. thank you for helping if you do would like to have skins or something
  7. trying to buy a gaming pc, if at all possible please have over 2k on it
  8. looking for something with like $100-∞, but any amount helps, thank you.
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