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  1. On the well known part. Yes i concur !! Anonymous O porr,you guys should actually make research on fundrazr and understand the concept before trashing free knowledge,he could have charged for this but he didnt.
  2. Emv 8.6 software is a fraud software.Dont waste your time
  3. Windows pc (AMD) .I think problem is with VIP 72 socks .... now no one used this socks.But I'm still in trouble with the time problem in system.I change the system time to US..... when I checked ip time is US (GMT -4) but system time is (GMT 0)
  4. Bro..... one time I got success in western union transfer by same method.Its my first time.Vip72 socks.....Mac changer etc .....I think problem is with time zone.....I don't know how to make same.Ip time zone is GMT-4 and system time is GMT 0
  5. Bro please help me to solve the problem
  6. I purchase vip 72 socks 5, CC First I connect the internet by using VIP 72 socks with proxy......then use Nord VPN......Mac address changer ... I checked my ip using checkmyip.com website.My ip is changed but unfortunately my system time and ip time is not matching.Please help me to solve the problem. I buy 3 CC but all are declined.
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