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  1. I am waiting for the problem to be resolved and immediately contact you, please let me know how you work, thank you
  2. I recommend it to everyone, a seller is reliable.
  3. Are you ready to work through Escrow service? if yes there is an offer
  4. Who can sell me a dedicated server? need Texas United States
  5. not all shops agree to accept the call, some want to call you themselves
  6. Alilos

    Why do I need socks?

    friend, socks needs to keep the store from suspecting anything
  7. Alilos

    Why do I need socks?

    why are there so many newcomers lately?
  8. are you a log salesman?
  9. get used to it, no one shares anything bro
  10. You surprise me! You don't know how to do it right?
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