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  1. Okay first of all I feel very relieved that I came upon this site in the dark net. I have spent almost a month looking for a good site that offers quality tutorials and has a very helpful community. Now, I've been off and on in the carding biz since 2013. I'm embarassed to say that I keep on falling in and out because even up until now I have not seen any results in my carding ventures. But in my defense, when I first started out I never knew anything about VPN, SOCKS, CCLEANER etc. or even accessing the dark net and when I did I was afraid of doing so for fear of what I may get myself into. So I stuck with finding shitty tutorials on the clearnet and got shitty results as well. But I got my feet wet in carding but it didn't last long nor did it yield any results. Fast forward to the present and after some boring jobs, the system fucked me up another time and I turned to carding once again to potentially solve my financial problems. But this time it's different, I'm well informed now and I have resources as well trustworthy contacts. To cut the long story short, one of my close friends has been recently employed in one of the smaller banking companies in the US and he is one of the front liners in handling credit card concerns. In short, he has LITERALLY access to all customer's information including credit and debit card information! This friend of mine also agreed to supply me with CC/DB information on a daily basis. He sends me notepad files containing at least 50 CC/DB information on a daily basis. Information contained in these notepad file includes: Name as it appears in front of the card Card number Expiration date 3 digit code at the back of the card Billing address Phone number SSN (occational) DOB (occational) Right now I have a folder containing not less than 150 notepad files filled to the brim with CC/DB information and the sad thing is not one -- I say this again, NOT ONE has been cashed out. I've done my homework as well. Currently we made a little setup of sorts for carding: 1. We bought a refurbished laptop and installed the following software: a. CCleaner b. 911.re SOCKS client c. MAC Changer d. TAILS e. TOR f. Antidetect (old version - we no longer use this) g. Express VPN and Nord VPN 2. We do all our
  2. Planning to card apple, but before I do so I'd like to ask some advice on how to do it. Do you just do the usual things like socks vpn ccleaner mac changer etc? Or is there a sorta technique to do it?
  3. Tried it. Transfer failed. Refunded. How bout the others?
  4. Hi there! I just followed you, please follow me back so that I can send you a PM. I have a lot of CC information at my disposal right now as I have someone who is employed in a credit card company that supplies me with cc and db info every day. I just need some good quality tutorials right now. If you share, I can send you a batch of 20 unused cc/db cvv's for July (depends on how many my contact can get).
  5. Hi, newbie here. What do you mean by redflagged card? What is a redflagged card? How do you avoid having a redflagged card?
  6. Has anyone had any success with this method? Is this still working? I tried this today and some payments actually went through but it got all refunded. I'm eager to see results because it's kinda easy to cash out. If you guys have any tutorial please PM me. I really need help.
  7. Hi, I just want to ask for any good suggestions for a product/service to sell on a ghost site that is high value (probably around $100-$200). I'm planning to use a payment gateway method to cashout cc's.
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