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  1. I have scanned slovakian passports send me DM
  2. Cant DM you, hit my DM please
  3. Hey guys i have some money in BTC so i can buy some CC for online use. Let me know with your offers on telegram @SuperVeloce750 Thanks !
  4. Hello guys i have like 20 slovakian cards for sell and 10 are IDs (scanned from both of sides), let me know if you are interested. Write me there or on telegram @SuperVeloce750 Also have some chaturbate accounts with more than 1000 credits and supporter level (29.9/ subcribe per month)
  5. very bad try how to phish paypal accounts sir
  6. I have scanned slovakian passports send me DM
  7. Probably every cardertv user is familiar with this seller I know him for a long time, for 2 years we collaborated Gifs are sent on time,% competitive! I have never received a refusal to cooperate, does any amount 💪 I think the branch will find a lot of feedbacks since hundreds of people at least once worked with a person! I wish you good luck and we will work!
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