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  2. If I am not wrong theire is some old school atm close from currency exchange. It need to be write ATM on it or over it you can check the model on the web. I have read the same thing for the chip by using a phone charger to destroy it or just with sand paper but more for POS trying to avoid the chip pin and getting the pos asking for swipe only because the chip might be brooken
  3. yes it is as long it is not region block, or a DDA EMV your tried to clone with the wrong software, You might all ready know theire is the static (SDA) and dynamic (DDA) EMV-chips, if you have the right software you should be able to cash out at any POS without the real pin any way you don't need pin if you use magnetic at a pos (the point is with track2 you clone the EMV and you wont need the real pin), then for an ATM you need to get the track2 and the pin it should work at any atm that only read magnetic strip. It all depend about your software you use to clone if you only use the magnetic strip or also the EMV If you use only magnetic you need at least this parametres : -No region block, -ATM that only read magnetic strip, -Pin for atm, -Money in the card ( if you buy dump pin and try the 28 of the month it is possible the owner has no money so you think it's dead card.... but you killed it by trying with no money into it ) Hope that help
  4. Do you guys us 3D printer to make the plastic that fit on the ATM or are you buying on chinese website ? I have find my msr007 that allready work without having to configure it that great I search how to fix it now and where i will put it I think gaz station must be the best then find a place to put the camera to get the pin even if pad is safer it's also harder to build... any help for this ? I want to do a great job maybe I could share with you my creation from my location that could give you idea for your location?
  5. Debit card need EMV chip? How do you write it from T2 after getting a emv reader?
  6. It must be hardware you will add into with software that match the hardware to get the emv signatur and also the pin if you wise enoght
  7. Can you find one? I am about to work on it with some one
  8. Guys I found Gezerolee on the internet..... As long as I know it is not a scam and it was absolutly free
  9. Have you sent the package to the same location of the card holder? Have you hide your cookie and used a tool that hide your browser? Have used a VPN and socks5 or a VPN and a VPS from de the same location of the card holder? Because the price of the package have you tried to send a small package under 50$ to the owner of the card a his real address? It better work this way send a small package to the real card holder, wait 3days and buy your big package over 300$ and change this time the shipping address If your first package is over (lets say 200$) and the shipping address is change and have no history it must be blocked It could be possible it miss more step its up to you
  10. you have to go into your settings in your browser your are using and go in VPN section and add it with the port and specify it is a socks5 or 4 or html/s instead of wich one your are using bla bla bla If you use your own laptop AT HOME make sur you don't forget any step for the case you use an other router just change your MacAdress
  11. actully if you think carding is hard, dont think about to figure out how to get your own cc by yourself..... I'm style trying to figure it out......
  12. Hi, Could you give your supplier off cc I am interressed =)
  13. A ma connaissance tout les WU son des scam peut être que je me trompe..... ils y a d'autre service de payment qui ne son pas forcement des scam mais faut les essayer et surtout les trouvé
  14. Salut, Faut faire attention il y a des scammeur partout.... Le meilleur moyen et quand même de trouver ta propre sources disons si se que tu veux son des cc D'autre questions?
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