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  1. If you need ccs i got you .I'm the direct source no 3rd man .
  2. can someone teach me how to use socks and rdp ? I have stash of cc but don't know how to put them to work.
  3. hello I need help . i need to learn how to card. i get fresh cc from all over US .please help .
  4. hey man for some reason I cannot pm you pm me on icq @vanbanter
  5. I am in the same position. i have ccs with pins all personal info but don't know how to card.please help
  6. I need help buying bitcoin. I need someone to help me with the process.
  7. Inhave tries serval times they block your account with suspicious activity. Specially if the email doesn't match with cars holders email.if you type a random email you will get blocked .I failed so many times but failed.
  8. I have ccs with complete addresses. Let me know if interested
  9. I have unlimited cc number but don't know how to card. i need help .please tech me how to card.i get cc # everyday from fresh legit source but If I don't use them they go to waste.
  10. If you need ccs i got you .I'm the direct source no 3rd man .
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