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  1. what do you exactly need to know? There are a lot of methods. Read this first https://carder.tv/threads/how-to-become-a-professional-carder.65509/ Ask me if you have any qs
  2. sorry, i don't know how to deal with it. I've never used an iphone. Try to google it. What I don't understand is why the previous holder didn't sign out of icloud.
  3. I could help you with your phone, but I don't use an iphone. For carding via phone android is way better.
  4. Have you ever heard about drops? Socks,mac,vpn e.t.c needs you to make the shop think you're a real holder and hide your physical location. Never shop to your real address.
  5. cvv is the card verification value, a 3-digit number on the back of the card, which confirms the physical possession of the card. Yes, you can buy it. after purchase CC, you receive information about the cardholder, his name, address, card number, expiration date and cvv code. Example: 4639013215658320|5235|743|Zuck Johnson|United States|California|El Monte|91731|9528 Telstar Ave|(626) 372-8532|ZuckJohnson@mail.com You can also buy FULL CC info which contains SSN, DOB, MMN. SSN - Social Security number DOB - Date of birth MMN - Mother's maiden name To create a bank account you need this additional info (SSN and DOB). This is usually done in order to check the balance of the card and get access to change the billing address.
  6. https://carder.tv/threads/how-to-become-a-professional-carder.65509/ This is basic. Ask if something you found difficult.
  7. Learn what? My advice is to check out some forum thread to have an understanding of how it works. There are many options, from CC to hotels and real carding.
  8. you can't start without spending money. The fact is that if you even find somewhere a good socks/vpn/proxy, free cc staff around here, you will always get problems with delivery. That's because almost everything we have in public is used a ton of times. You'll have to spend the money.
  9. I can offer you a good CC. They are 80% valid (no one can give you 100% guarantee). Add me t.me/excrz
  10. Yes, you can work that way. They can detect your virtual environment by checking the hardware installed on your system. They can also easily reject your order by checking your ip in blacklists. Your IP score must be good to receive your order. They can even check your apps installed on your system using product get name,version and comparing it with real apps.
  11. You're use Socks5 to match the victim's address. You don't need to spend money buying rdps. There are plenty of other methods to hide your ass while working and evading the anti-fraud system, but this is basic.
  12. i can teach you everything i can for $. telegram me @excrz
  13. https://carder.tv/threads/how-to-become-a-professional-carder.65509/
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