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    PM me you just have to know were to get them
  2. i have icq but dont know how to add people
  3. im in it for 3 months now now and i have learned some thing now im making a little money, hit me at wikr: tornado3014
  4. i have a icq account but dont know how to add persons, i have wikr: tornado3014
  5. im from europe too, here im doing my things, and yeah there is a lot of money to make if you know how and work with the right system and people
  6. i started to buy cc from a marketplace and i started to make reservations on hotels and it worked so i started to sell hotelrooms and then i started to rent carss it all worked
  7. Hi everyone, im in the game for a couple of months an i know how the carding game works, i live in hotels now take free rental cars and can fly all over the world tnx to cc carding, this is a small part of carding i know there is much more work! lets share ideas! lets discuss
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