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  1. you need to specify your region so i can give you the username and pass to the files
  2. Please Note: This is not a tutorial, if you need a tutorial you can buy it for $35 (remember to use forum escrow), it comes with live guide. If you want to start an online business i suggest you get your hands on $150 and use the tutorial. i am not posting the tutorial here because i want to keep it from the prying eyes and invisible hands Assuming you stumbled across something like this -Bank Name = chase or whatever -Username= Scooby -pass = L1f3$uck$ -balance = $1,968,35 -Acc No = 1234567901234567 -Routin No = 123456789 -address = 23 columbia heights brooklyn newyork 90% of you will run to chase online login page to try and always get a supprise of Verification which means you fucked the logs worth $2k eventhough you bought it on empire for $30 to $90 so here is a brief on how to cashout bank logs Think Old school while taking advantage of technology i am talking about ACH aka Automated Clear House also Electronic Check Processing so you obtained the info that is used for Wire Transfer but its not enough to pass all the barriers ACH Cashout info needed -acc number -ro number -name verification -two micro deposits first you to get a Bank account that accepts ACH (payoneer) second you need fullz for anyone (contact me i have thousands) use the fullz to signup for a payment gateway that allow ACH transfers (Wepay,Braintree,paysimple and so on) signup for aacounting software so you can monitor transactions includings passing micro deposits create invoice and pay
  3. if you are in Michigan the here is your chance to make extra cash contact me
  4. use skype buy a skype number from the region of the card e.g Hawaii 808 use skype app in combination with a voice morphing software speak slowly and steady to meet age of the owner of the card
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