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  1. I buy from legit cc vendors my dude don’t worry bout that, and I’m gonna card it for €1.4k sometime in the future
  2. Has anyone here ever tried to card a gaming setup? I’v found a website that could be carded for a €1k pc and it has next day shipping, I’m just wondering would it be a good idea or should I just card the parts and build it myself?
  3. Hello, am I able to get email notifications of posts in a forum im watching? Thanks -Ahhdeadly
  4. Is this possible? And if so does anyone know how it could be done? Thanks -Ahhdeadly
  5. Hey everyone just a little help from converting your phone credit back into bitcoin, you can use coingate.com This website requires id verification. The payout isn’t that good for what you giving €30 credit = around €13.60 bitcoin If you found this useful consider giving my post a like
  6. Always use a vpn that is in the same location of the card
  7. Well the card would have to be live anyway, not sure if games can get removed.
  8. Okay guys, I just wanted to post up some useful information on carding. 1.Bin numbers The bin numbers are the first six digits on a credit-card. These can be used to check the card level, bank and to see if it's non AVS or non VBV.(You need non vbv/avs bins prior to checking. To see if the bins match really) Eg. 4117764001058562 The first six digits are 411776. That's the bin !! To check the bin, you can have a private checker which I can post if needed or use this site http://www.binbase.com/ . 2.Best Credit card to use! Okay this is key. This is the difference between shipping that $1,000 computer or nothing. Best card out there : Amex Centurion card. It has a spending limit of 14,000 for every two weeks or sometimes unlimited (Depends on the bank) . Whenever you get such a card in your db, always card high priced items, as the approval will have a high chance. As opposed to a Business Visacard. 3.Being anonymous and getting orders shipped Use a VPN that keeps absolutely No Logs! If they keep logs, the carded company may find you and the feds will be knocking on your door ! You may also use a Double Vpn ( I use it) . Next, use a Mac Id spoofer. A macid may be used to trace you, some sites keep mac-id's when in checkout. (I know Dell.com does) . I recommend getting Smac. It's not to hard to find a crack. Also, to get your chances of order approval up, use a sock5! A sock5 sort of acts like a proxy in the sense it shows where the order came from. (Always use a state or city matching sock5 , with the cc or it's useless) In addition to this, carding on an RDP helps lower the chances of being caught, even though the chances are already extrememly low with the per-cautions taken above. 4.Drops When carding non-virtual items such as a desktop pc,laptop ,tv etc always use a drop ! A drop is the area where you pick up the carded item. This prevents you from being caught, opposed to it being shipped to your front door. Some mail services require a signature so be prepared to do so. You should also try and make yourself look legit. Eg. Doing an outside job, cutting the lawn , etc when the mailman arrives. Don't just sit on the porch, sweating like a dumbass. Note: Having a drop, like a few blocks from your house is a bad-idea. The Mailman might recognize you in the future and report your ass to the police or get them to stop by for a visit ;o . 5. Cardable Sites Okay , not to many sites to put in this section but w.e . Physical Carding: www.walmart.com (Should use Amex or Discovery, if not try to get non-vbv cards for Visa. ) www.dell.com(Get a decently balanced card, ofc more than the item you are going to card) www.gomerch.com(Tested with a non-vbv) www.store.dcshoes.com(Tested with non-vbv card) www.pizzahut.com(Non-vbv. I know for a fact if you dont use a drop, you will be fucked) Virtual Carding: www.cjs-cdkeys.com(Tested with non-avs. 100% use a sock5, site checks if IP matches state) www.ea.com ( No special cards are neccesary.) www.steampowered.com(Tested with a regular amex.Sock5. 100% correct billing, not even a spelling error on an address .)
  9. I’ll try it but it’s hard to get using a card before someone else has killed it
  10. I just need one valid cc to start do you know where I could get one free?
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