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  1. Like the title/subject line say's above, I just created a Skrill Account (Literally 2 minutes ago), I was looking for a REAL, LEGIT Skrill Account loader. We would spilt the amount 60/40. I wanted mostly crypto to be loaded since that would be more helpful. My email is; DeltaBlue33@protonmail.com . Please comment underneath this post or message me back urgently, I will not use telegram unless I can trust you. You MUST be okay with 60/40, and MUST BE ABLE TO DO IT URGENTLY!. As soon as I message you, you must be able to load the account within 24 hours. Only serious people message me back please. No scammers or rippers.
  2. You download it from your app store on IOS. I think you can download from Andriod to. (I do not know. I have IOS not andriod) but I am sure you can find it there to. Its like whatsapp kinda, its a messenger service that you can message other people without giving them your phone number. All they need is your username to find you/ to message you.
  3. Hello!!. I was wondering if you could load Skrill?. I wanted $900 - $1K. We would spilt 50/50, or 60/40. Please contact me back, this is very URGENT. Thank you!!. I have followed you, so you should be able to pm me now. If you want I can drop you my email. Please message me back Thanks!.
  4. Private Message me here pls so I can contact you.
  5. So someone I know has a stolen a check book and he was wondering what he can do with it. I personally don't do check books cause I found it to risky. But could you make decent money with the check book?, how would one use it if he could?. I am very curious, if you knew please let me know!. I am finding out where he got it (country) right now. Could you pull off anything with a check book?.
  6. Sadly, I do not think people will give it to you for free. Sorry.
  7. STEEZO1, can you please follow me back to message you about Skrill loading?. (If you loaded Skrill that is). Please follow back so I can pm thanks!.
  8. Hello did you ever find anyone legit?.
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