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  1. This user scammed on the 24th for 100$ btc after talking to me for like 3-4months until i was trusting then in telegram they delete conversation and block me
  2. do you have a proxie for montreal canada i can buy?
  3. do you buy the ones that say something like 500-1000 1000-2000 etc?
  4. i just try to card redmi note 7 from amazon.com the order was placed succesfully but after 5 min the order was canceled i used a card uploaded on our forum. they said that there was a problem in confirming the paymet with you bank and my account was locked please any pro carder help me.i think this problem is faced by every carder once in a life or more times please help me!!!!!! here are some screen shots
  5. can you help me too? i just got a few questions Telegram @cxctiis
  6. have you succeded in carding amazon? please help
  7. i asked if theres a way to card amazon and ppl told me it just kills ur card but i heard theres a way to get free stuff on amazon anyone know it?
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