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  1. I am here sorry for such a long delay
  2. What info you need I am good at building profiles I like the investigation lol
  3. I have accounts to do mobile deposit in and will give you half of every check that goes through
  4. I have checks that come from payroll accounts. I am ready now on telegram at BlueMama89
  5. I can help you and I am in need of 1 cc please my telegram is @BlueMama89
  6. I thought by calling and verifying was not a good idea to do. I was told if you enter $200 and the card only has a $2000 limit that the remaining limit available is $1800 even if you never used the card. Was I told wrong?
  7. I have multiple accounts ready and also have square account for cc transactions and I make checks as well
  8. I have a profile up for grabs the gentleman has a credit score of 754 he lives in California really just in need of cash so give me an offer and hopefully we can help each other out.
  9. I can make checks if the accounts are good and can make transfers
  10. I need help with getting CCs that actually work or any help with funds. My situation is a long story but will explain but I have no more money left and need help. Have Cash app, PayPal accounts
  11. I am in a sticky situation somebody broke into my car yesterday morning and now I can't pay for my hotel room. I do make checks that are good for mobile deposit just need good accounts and I have accounts for deposits. I am also good at researching and getting info on ppl. If you have any live cards or anything please help. My telegram is @BlueMama89
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