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  1. yoko


    Who changed The passworld
  2. Could i get a Nordvpn Or Could you teatch Me some of your trickes SO i could call you SENsei XD
  3. does Elite proxy Cheacker Worck GOOD ??
  4. does proxy checker Kill proxy ??
  5. Guys wtf Wy not leave 1 or 2 wy Take all of theam noting working I tryed loging in in the Cpanel Store
  6. im have to go to talland to do a surgerie if I can make that kind of Money in minutes LOL XD
  7. i Gues That The seller use the card After selling it Bte its just a Teory Im a newbie Im just trying to help
  8. how did you get one omg im freking out i need one so badly but its hard whit no money in hand to buy a cc
  9. Man this is hard I dont have CC es And i speant all day looking for theam OMG wy is life hard Wen your a Brock teanager
  10. I like your idea Im going to try it If you can cause im new you now i need so badly a vps Could you hock me up whit like 3 vps ples ?Give in privite cause i dont have any CC im starting a way to get money bte i need a VPs sorry for bodering you or anyting But could you do me this favor wen il get my money from the Tecnique il pay you Half of what i got so I could feal That i didnt scam you ore any ting And im really sorry For puting you in this situation Bte i Relly do need this and Sorry.
  11. didnt understand this part 5.Add credit card on your order they will make just pre-authorization,cc won't be billed Is it like it wont pay ?? or is it like use the cart to get the Free $100/60-day credit - improve an existing app or try something new ?? Plz reply
  12. Deam YOu Have some skilles Ther fowkes
  13. Sorry for bodering you Bte Im new to this and i just waned to ask is this method to get cartes Cause i need a 1free netflix So i need to Have a credit cart
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