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  1. Meron ka CC number date and CVV nyan ?
  2. Netflix please I won't change anything I just want to download the movie I've been waiting for
  3. What types of accounts are those?? Netflix ,Spotify etc etc??
  4. Lmao none of them works actually
  5. Any Hive accounts please ??
  6. Halos 80% na pinoy carders are scammers haha
  7. YanyanXD


    Meron sa FB groups gumawa ang mga demonyo ng group doon tapos pati admin scammer din pla nwalan na ako tiwala tlaga pag pinoy based on my experience
  8. My bad I thought you're looking for someone who can pick up transfers in PH
  9. YanyanXD


    All cards are dead stop posting dead cards !!
  10. Halos 80% na pinoy carders are scammers haha
  11. Which site did you use the card?
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