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  1. what tools did you use like just a list like say (vpn.Rdp.proxy) like that thanks
  2. im UK Account unknown age(says sometime in 2019) barely any money $1.26 went through as it is a spare
  3. when you say account aged 6 months do you mean the paypal account or the cdgfrm account?
  4. does anyone know how i can get a fake id can you make it for me im in uk northern ireland but im getting the id for a Polish friend who lives here we are both 16 how much would it cost
  5. telegram madcardingg i have cards u can put whatever u think is a good price on them
  6. ok i need paypal money my paypal email is justeymonster@gmail.com thanks
  7. pm with code for £25 amazon or visa
  8. i need a cc any country i just need cc num exp and cvv i need bitcoin it needs adleasr $75 on it
  9. £25 visa card sorry fro english i am comes from russia i need to pay bag lone sark help
  10. xZx

    Carding Amazon

    can you ship me a bad laptop a 100 dollar one for free please
  11. can i have a free giftcard code pm me i want visa or amazon ВЈ25 would prefer visa way more ty
  12. it has a password i tried very number combo like 1 123 1234567890 and evry sinle number
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