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  1. I have basically created fullz from info given to me : ssn, dob etc and I have 3 of them with credit scores over 750 .. I want to open bank accounts and also apply for credit cards loans etc ... any suggestions?
  2. Anyone who knows how to do something like this HMU it's not my thing but I know someone would love the chance to make something happen with these.
  3. I have sucessfully generated VALID credit card numbers using various BINS .. Using a proven method I am able to generate credit card numbers w/ exp date that when I call for merchant authorization they authorize giving me approval number .. I've been told that it's because the card number has been issued and is a good card number and the exp date is not always exact but works. I get a authorization code and everything. I've even used non vbv bins and generated numbers that still got authorization code without the actual cvv. My question now what? I know they can be used with booking hotels cause I watched someone do it but is there any other way to profit from them? Any websites? I'm tempted to create an identity and try to place a order on Amazon but that's alot of effort for something that won't work. I have hundreds of these already and get more every day .. HMU please and let me know if there's a way to profit and I'll gladly let you profit too
  4. I can cash out good cc with my Merchant account
  5. I was given some basic info I guess like a fullzz but without credit cards. I did the research , ran credit reports and got together everything I can think of I would need when trying to use this information. If there is anyon who has a good way to make money from these please let me know. They are fresh and ready to be put to use
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