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  1. Look id figure id take a swing at this. There is a gmail giving me a lot of trouble recently, and id very much like to crack it. I know it got leaked in the blankmediagames DB, and a few others. Can anyone pm me and take a swing at this email for me? or email me at travikator@protonmail.ch
  2. Can someone decrypt this hash from the blankmediagames db $H$9jOnHhZmaj8M6cFr3wqjERyMq6AULk1
  3. Ive recently been trying to crack a targets email. and ive recently hit a wall, ive been stumped for roughly 2 weeks. I have a ton of information on the target, just need some help. If someone thinks they can take a good swing at this pm me and ill give you the pastebin with what i have.
  4. Was wondering if someone could search select dbs or do a broad search of dbs for me on a specific email?
  5. Been trying to crack this gmail for a minute now. I have my own reasons to get into it, but in the end I’m desperate to get in. If anyone can help me crack it. Please lmk by pming me.
  6. Recently someone payed me a Visa Gift Card (prepaid garbage) in exchange for some blackhat services, How can i liquidate the card, or purchase BTC with it?
  7. weleakinfo(dot)com has always been a great site for me.
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