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  1. Hi, What would be the best scenario? Buying on a US website with US ccv and deliver to Germany. Or buying on a German website with us ccv and deliver to Germany. I know that the best would be using a German cc on a german website with a german drop. Also, what is a good auto shop with a lot of European cc's? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone. Does carding until the card dies has effect on the orders that were already placed? Imagine having a placed order which will probably come through, if I order at another site with the same card and the card dies. Will this lead to cancellation of the first placed order? If so, then it would be better to stop after 1 order (500 euro) Thanks in advance for your answers.
  3. I'm always down to help serious, not lazy, people wherever I can. PM me
  4. Ur right, i forgot about that. The mistake was that I was putting a fake or burner Phone number with the orders while I should use the cardholders Phone number. I noticed when I started to compare the succeeded orders with all the declined (a lot)
  5. I found the solution I think. Thanks for thinking with me.
  6. No from Belgium but I card dutch sites with dutch drop. I succeeded with HP and nike and now I get cancelled again all time. Even tried with a new laptop.
  7. EDIT: The person who gives me the golden hint which helps me to succeed will receive a free giftcard!
  8. I ordered at multiple vendors and website's. It could happen a few times but I don't think that would be the case every time. Thanks for thinking with me Yoko!
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