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  1. I think only Old numbers work, i also had a problem getting an American number for my whatsapp, but i was able to recover my old google voice number and bingo it worked
  2. Guess someone already changed the password
  3. I already tried to google search and i literally spent a whole lot of time scrolling through craps.. I read reviews people are saying it's fake.. HELP ME
  4. Hey, what are the necessary extensions to access a .bazar page..
  5. So basically you have two issues.. 1. you can't get a Valid (live) CC : I recommend you use Jstash.bazar or Empiremarket or Ferum shop 2. You also have a problem with getting btc, First i don't really know much about mining, i want you to ignore it for now or google how you can get it in your wallet or maybe someone can help you here, maybe.. But if you want to get Bitcoins there are quite a number of ways to do that.
  6. Try Friskmint.. he's easy to talk to if you have problems
  7. Alright, can you share the solution as others may benefit from it
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