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  1. I use it whenever possible, very convenient and profitable
  2. Best site is either empire market which you can access from dark.fail or nightmare market is really good just check the reviews before buying and don’t buy anything that’s wayyy too expensive just use common sense. Dark fail also has dread link on there use that to your advantage and most sites on there can be trusted
  3. hey man thanks for the info and yea thats what I was thinking almost all the cards I own have chips on them and if I corrupt them using your method they should stop working and the atm will have to take the stripe I was looking into getting the msr reader-writer and chip blank cards. and do you have a legit place for dumps in CA?
  4. Swiping you don’t have to enter pin and you cannot enter card into chip reader because your card doesn’t have a chip try to cash out at like a low key atm if ur 18 strip clubs are REALLY good and always watch out for cams observe the place before cashing out and use the cash that’s what I do but try to go somewhere far from your place and stay low key but not too suspicious and the atm that take the card in all the way are better options then the ones that take in a little bit.
  5. The best place to get this is from dark markets there are just soo many scams going around that you kind of have to. I get my dumps and CC info from the empire market (try looking for a trusted vendor and use common sense and don't fall for those 1000-2000$ scams) you can access this market using dark.fail (search it up) and reload the page to get the freshest onions (they auto update) another place to get these from is the nightmare market also accessible using dark.fail and again use common sense and look for a trusted vendor and one more OK market is the Berlusconi market I don't personally buy from here but it's on the table if you like. Remember to react if you found this info helpful or send me a pm at [email
  6. Hey man why doesn’t it work is there a reason or is it just because the dumps are coming from the us or is it because of the chips or something like that?
  7. Hi kyz. Can I use just 1 Static Residential proxy when carding, without switching to another ip address? thanks bro
  8. and if there is any way possible please respond newbie career asking for help
  9. Hey, guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to disable emv chips so that the ATM or credit card machine has to take stripe instead of chip? I heard about a special liquid you dip it in and it gets disabled and about a way to fry the chip by using a 12-volt adapter and cutting its wire? If you know anything about this please reply. Thanks in advance
  10. u mean 30$ worth of btc 30 btc worth like $260326.2 lmao and follow back and pm
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