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  1. the 2 forms is correct less problems this the 2 forms is correct less problems this
  2. So I really don't get why people ask me how to deliver to an alternative address on eBay, it's easy. Go to ebay.com/.co.uk etc. Register an account with the information of your drop address/owner, let's say the owner of my drop address is John Smith at 123 Fake Street, so after creating the account, go to the shipping address options and add your drop address, you don't need to add anything else, you may need to confirm the mobile number on the account. Now find an item you want to buy, if you already have a PayPal account then you can now checkout and the item will be delivered to the address on eBay, not on the PayPal account, but if you want to card eBay then go to the checkout and use the pay by debit/credit card option, you will either be asked to enter the info in on eBay or make a payment through PayPal guest checkout (when you don't create an account but PayPal handles the card info) this let's you skip the need for ageing an account, eBay lets you use a completely different shipping address to the card holder's information. Click confirm and pay now and hopefully everything should go through, eBay/PayPal does not use VBV or MCSC and they don't call to confirm the payment, everything is handled automatically with the least security. The cache is that you need the perfect setup to give you the lowest risk/fraud score possible to beat PayPal, short answer: RDP (clean fingerprint), old email Here's why it would fail: - The IP address that you are using is blacklisted or has been used to create a PayPal account before, make sure the ISP is a residential provider and not commercial (I.E. Datecenters), the ISP should be Sky/Talk Talk or comcast etc. if the united states. basically it should be owned by a person like you or me, not a company, all you need to do is check the IP against the blacklists on https://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check and you can see if it's a residential IP here: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup and every blacklist should be green, but some such as l2.apews.org will list your IP before you've even done anything wrong and chances are PayPal won't use that blacklist, you have no way of telling if the IP has been used before to create an account though. - PayPal is using fingerprinting to identify your computer with previous fraudulent orders, or they detected that you switched/changed something about your browser in an attempt to fool the system, don't connect to the website until everything is setup, if you change your user agent or something and then revisit the site then they will spot this, I was unable to prevent PayPal fingerprinting me when using the CCleaner/Bleachbit, clear all cookies, LSO files etc. method, the reason why PayPal takes ages to load now is because they are performing a bunch of tests, the way to get around this fingerprinting is by purchasing an RDP instead of a socks, this gives you a new unused fingerprint and you won't need to disable any plugins such as webrtc or Java and having these enabled makes you look more trustworthy, disabling plugins/features looks suspicious and unusual. - The email you created for the card holder was through gmail/outlook etc. the fraud prevention tools and especially PayPal are able to see when an email was created (I believe) go to emailage.com to see for yourselfand use this website to test if your email is valid, this is the same website that fraudlabspro use to test the emails: https://www.mailboxvalidator.com/demo try looking for an email provider who offer trials, you want to get an email domain which isn't free but also isn't new and has a good domain reputation, I'm not sharing my site as I don't want it saturated but it requires a mobile confirmation code to use the trial account, the best alternative to this is buying an email/password list and using an old email from there. There are lots of tiny factors like checking the headers/language settings and removing languages, or checking for port 80 and port 25, using DNS servers other than the ones provided by the ISP etc. anything about your computer which stands out will cause red flags. Report back here after trying this
  3. sorry I translated it into Spanish
  4. Paso 1: Raspe los nombres de usuario utilizando un raspador de API . Paso 2: Hacer una lista de contraseñas. Para las cuentas lentas, pero más altas, de las cuentas RP o lvl.30, puede probar una gran lista de contraseñas, pero eso lleva mucho tiempo para ejecutar un combo. Si creas una pequeña lista de contraseñas, por ejemplo, 10-20 verás que las grietas son mucho más rápidas. ejemplo: hago un Combo de 800k con 350 contraseñas y descifro 50 cuentas de la noche a la mañana O puedo elegir hacer un Combo de 100-120k con 10-20 contraseñas, y termino descifrando 50 cuentas en 1-2 horas, la misma cantidad de Cuentas en un tiempo más rápido. (Básicamente, elija entre descifrar menos cuentas pero más cuentas de alta calidad o descifrar muchas cuentas con la esperanza de que una de ellas obtenga una cuenta de alta resolución) (para las grietas más rápidas use 1 contraseña) Ejemplo de lista de pases: Puede optar por agregar más o menos, según usted. Prueba cosas nuevas. qwe123 abc123 asd123 pokemon123 qwerty123 % usuario% % usuario% 123 % cuser% % cuser% 123 % cuser% 1 % luser% % luser% 123 % luser% 1 % useru% % useru% 1 Paso 3: descargue un programa como
  5. Step 1: Scrape usernames using a API Scraper. Step 2: Make a password list. For slow, but higher chance of RP or lvl.30 accounts you could try a big password list, but that takes a long time to run a Combo. if you make a small password list such as, 10-20 you will see the cracks come a lot faster. example: I make a 800k Combo with 350 passwords, and crack 50 accounts overnight OR I can choose to make a 100-120k Combo with 10-20 passwords instead, and end up cracking 50 accounts in 1-2 hours, the same number of accounts in a faster time. ( basically choose between cracking less accounts but more hq ones or cracking lots of accounts in the hopes out of 1 of them you get a hq account) (for fastest cracks use 1 password) Passlist Example: You can choose to add more or less, up to you. Test new things. qwe123 abc123 asd123 pokemon123 qwerty123 %user% %user3 %cuser% %cuser3 %cuser%1 %luser% %luser3 %luser%1 %useru% %useru%1 Step 3: Download a program such as
  6. it's good to learn with good teachers thanks
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