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  1. what do i actually do if i can get a cc number but i have no idea what to do from there? i cant just make a cashapp and send cash to mine from it because its easily traceable. i cant just ship something to my address with a stolen cc. how do you actually get the physical products that you buy with stolen cc? can i just make a throwaway amazon account and buy a bunch of gift cards with it and then just buy stuff with that?
  2. also all the cc's on the deep web are really cheap for 10-20 dollars for cards that have like thousands on them. but the markets have reviews and escrow so i dont think they can really scam easily
  3. is getting gift cards online an easy way to get started? is it generally safe with low amounts and taking a lot of safety percautions? i just wanna get the gift cards and keep the codes and trade them off for btc. if you use paxful dont you have to apply the gift card to an amazon account and then buy stuff with it? i have a site where i can just sell the codes for btc. is the deep web safe for buying cc's? i have a market ive used before to buy stuff and it has escrow and it works for me. i found a vendor selling cc's with 1-5k on them for $15. is that a too good to be true price? i dont even wanna do large numbers because i dont know what im doing i wanna do like 50-200 dollars or something thats safe i dont really wanna go into as hard as i can without knowing what im doing. i care more about doing it safely then getting big amounts of cash right away. safety is my biggest concern and im just getting started and been looking around and been hearing about it from people. is a vpn safe for just buying the gift cards or how do i do it? and then once i get the bitcoin do i just move it through a few different wallets and hold onto it for awhile or something? on the site i can sell gift cards i can also trade the bitcoin for money. is it safe to use my account on the forum to sell the gift cards? or do i need to create a new account on the forum with a vpn and then only trade it with a vpn? or can i log onto my account with a vpn and sell and trade the gift cards? is this a good plan at all?
  4. like say for instance i have a source of cards or something. how would i get started? i wanna do something like purchasing online some gift cards or something i dont really have a drop address yet and kinda new to it all. not really sure what to do. is there any place to find some good video guides or something? is there any good full guide on this forum you can link me to? that has the security, vpn, socks information and everything like that to stay safe?
  5. i thought flipping was like saying someone you turn 100 into 1000 dollars and they just send you 100 bucks and you block em
  6. how do you do money flipping and shit? you just get a social media account with some views and tell dumb asses you can turn their 100 dollars into 1000? dont they just report your paypal and shit and get banned
  7. do you do it from home or use a public wifi? i dont have a mcdonalds near my house or anything i can just bring my laptop to and do the shit i just wanna do low amounts of giftcards or something to start off not anything major. just wanna get some gift cards and trade for bitcoin. if i trade the giftcards for bitcoin should i move the bitcoin around a few wallets or tumble it or something? and then just let it sit in the account for a few months and try and trade it online for cashapp or something? i have a site where i can trade bitcoin for cashapp anything.
  8. how would this even work..? cashapp requires you to upload a selfie ID picture just to transfer anything even 20 dollars..
  9. is it generally alright to buy credit cards from the deep web markets? they have escrow services and its a trusted marketplace so as long as the card doesnt work you can just dispute it right and get the money back? whats the different between socks and a vpn? is a socks something you can buy and just keep using or do you have to buy a new one every time? any good sources?
  10. really confused not sure where to even start or anything been looking around on the forum, guides, and youtube videos still not really getting anything fully. i know where i can get card numbers and stuff i just dont know what to do with them. i want to be as careful as possible i dont mind just doing low numbers and stuff and being safe. not sure where to start or what to do. was thinking maybe just something simple like some amazon gift cards. i just want to focus mostly on safety and start slow like being guranteed safest ways possible.
  11. im kinda new to this. i wanna get some gifties or something and sell them off
  12. these have escrow on them so unless you're going first or doing some shit upfront...
  13. is the deep web a good place to buy cards and shit? i found a bunch of stuff it just says USA CVV and 1-5k on it it doesnt say all the information and stuff it comes with. it comes with name and zip code and shit like that right? i saw another listing with names and ssn what does that do?
  14. use vpn and socks5 both at the same time?
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