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  1. hello guys, i want to get into chip or EMV card cloning to do cashouts, i know nowdays its impossible to buy stuff into stores because of the dynamic codes there are into the chip, but using ATMs this codes dont chage. my question was, i need the hardware and blanks, i know there are normal emv readers writers for cheap online but now i just need to undersand if the plastics are the same for visa and mastercard or if each type is different (i know for example the jcop21 36 used) is it true that need to buy a plastic for visa and a plastic for mastercard? or i can program both in the same card one after the other? one more quest is, can you help me with a legit software to write 201s dumps in there legit? thanks​ ICQ: 769676889 jabber: borncyla@jabb3r.de
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