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  1. actual? pm you
  2. pm me and let's make money together
  3. rather than hotspot why not just put the sim in a dongle? No gps available then (unless your laptop has it) In my country i card a bunch of preloaded SIMs which usually last around a month of carding then switch out. Every few SIM's i switch out my dongles. SIM's are surely more secure than using wifi .. best they can do with sim is triangulate .. wifi they know exactly what building. In all likeliness its the stuff you do in real world i.e picking up goods, going to the ATM etc that will get you caught not the only stuff
  4. yes of course if u dont want to kill ur card use donation site bro any donation site
  5. bought it from somewhere. pretty sure its bullshit. incorrectly wrote expiration date on every card i wrote.
  6. just seen your post was wondering if you could help me out with a few bins that have been successful for you
  7. I'm not sure. But you might get the solution from google search. Besides, there is some good number of websites to do that. I mean person name and phone number, landline number? You have the any the if of the then https://www.zabasearch.com/ can help you to do. All the best!
  8. I have many Germany accounts ready for transfers PM me,if you want to discuss.
  9. I have The Phillips 66, Conoco, 76 Commercial Credit Card bins issued by Synchrony Bank.
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