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  1. This rarely works and only with MasterCard
  2. if this method exists, no one will tell you about it
  3. who the already downloaded?
  4. Yoga

    my achievement

    5 day thank you friends, sooo nice!
  5. Yoga

    my achievement

    my achievement is not as big as everyone else's. But I'm very happy! I sent money from PayPal. One payment of $ 1000. I worked with Loga, I think it's a success
  6. Yoga

    Free CC

    yay, got 5 cards! Thank you friend
  7. Yoga


    There is a card number and expiration date I want to pick up a CVV If I put 999 options in the checker, will I kill the card? what selection option is there?
  8. I'm looking for a socks under the owner's zip
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