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  1. If anybody needs a reliable picker hmu On icq 746887333
  2. I have drops in Hamlet NC!! Hit my icq 746887333
  3. Looking for people to help card items and send them to drop locations to get sold the same day of delivery We split profit 50/50 through BTC You could be making a lot of money. Example: IPhone XS Max US Retail-$1109 Sell it for $650 you make $325 profit. I have 8 Drop Locations You send a IPhone to every drop You just made $2600 2 Deliveries to each Drop a week So by the end of the week you could have $5.2k Also got WU/Moneygram Drops I have people on the inside for both! Unlimited Pick UPS a day. I have Real Chase Bank checks for mobile deposit , $10 per check sent to your Drop location. Serious Carders Only, Dont drop your ICQ if your gonna bs. Comment IC Let’s make this moneyI’m
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