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  1. Hey Family, Hope you guys find this useful. 5000 Leaked gmail accounts on me. E
  2. hey guys, I need a few good CC Fullz if possible. trying to get on my feet to buy my own CC's & Dumps, but am hurting right now. Anyone that can help me out would be greatly appreciated. E
  3. Hey guys, If anyone has a good CC they can hook me up with I'd really appreciate it................
  4. hi guys, I've been trying for two days to get socks 4&5 proxys to work, but so far no luck. I'm using the latest firefox with the foxyproxy plugin. All the proxys I've tried have been free ones. The ones that do connect only timeout time after time. Frustrating to say the least. What am I doing wrong? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.......
  5. si no tienes todo la informacion no te postas los cartas!!! valen nada a tener lo.....
  6. lol, Amen brother xam, and thanks for always contributing
  7. I'm Tuning! I'm TUNING!!! LOL
  8. Hey guys, So here's the deal. I've been trying for the past two days to get a proxy to work for me. Im using firefox with the foxyproxy plugin, and have tried probably about 50 different free socks5 proxy servers. Either they are down, or if they take a connection they always timeout. Am I doing something wrong? config settings? etc? someone please advise.......
  9. Hey Family, Hope you guys find this useful. 5000+ Leaked gmail accounts on me. E
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