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  1. How's going your progress dude? Take care yourself
  2. Anyone with luck on ATM UK?? looking for help Thanks
  3. I did but the card comes out... doesn't work dude.... I got genuine emv software omnikey 3121 java cards but not working. If u got the knowledge we can work together soon as u want. Your call... Take care dude
  4. Hi there, Anyone with knowledge in ATM UK??? only works with emv and magnetic. .. why?
  5. Need some help to get JAVA CARDS in UK. Anyone can help?[email
  6. Do Brasil q vc quer? Posso ajudar....
  7. AlguГ©m com trilha internacional? Contato de alguГ©m. ... fazer parceria, saque na Europa? Procurando alguГ©m sГ©rio pra fazer business! !!!!!
  8. We can talk.... bank account in U.K. and Europe.... card pin passport EVERYTHING.
  9. Any chance to have a word dude... I'm from uk. Take care yourself
  10. Hi there, Looking for help to make emv cards work.... I'm using X2 software with omnikey 3121 and Java card.... write normally but give me decline on ATM and the cards ONLY accepted by ATM writing the magnetic strip too the ATM doesn't accept the card only with emv on. Thanks fellas
  11. Need some help to get JAVA CARDS in UK. Anyone can help?recreio@protonmail.com Thanks
  12. Do Brasil q vc quer? Posso ajudar....
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