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  1. I need help for bank drops or valid credit card numbers please
  2. Hey guys Im a newbie in the carding world, but very serious and eager to learn more about it. Because of my occupation, I have access to a butt load of CC dumps, each one of them with different information. (Some with only the card info, some with emails and phone numbers, some even with the IP addresses of the Client etc.) I did my research and I come to the realization that its not an exact science when it comes to carding and there are many barriers, when it comes to online transactions which may or may not be fully bypassed. But I couldn't help but notice, most of this process is dependent on the merchant where you are making the transaction from. I mean there are merchants who offer 3D-Secured (VBB or whatever) transactions and that's usually a problem. But as long as there's a merchant offering non 3DS transactions (like Steam or Amazon), you're good to go. Except for the chargebacks but thats a story for another time. Long story short (too late ), I wanted to ask if any of you fellow carders know some good non 3D-Secured merchants where you can buy goods/services with just the visible info on the cards. Any help would be appreciated Peace
  3. rds187

    my free cams

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  4. 1473 Mcdangles accounts for your bitch ass
  5. coinbase hit me up foranything $$$
  6. selling all sorts of accts and cvv hit me uo [email
  7. Not carding but bank logs have made me 30k-40k
  8. Petro Canada account checker Been selling this to a couple people but willing to give it away to a few people Dm me if interested
  9. anyone able to send me any working logins?? it would be greatly appreciated
  10. hit me up for any type of account, willing to make trades pxr00013@nifty.com:test1128 - Valid kamm116@poczta.fm:marvin1 - Valid jean5@t-online.deasswort123 - Valid tankstellenberni@t-online.de:1bernhard - Valid leonik80@vp.pl:leonik80 - Valid jennifer@ziggo.nl:halloween96 - Valid appt@interia.pl:ad13opxd - Valid nwidia@interia.eu:mustang77 - Valid boozy@arcor.de:Lukas2712 - Valid captain_jack_harkness@cox.net:Gallifrey1 - Valid xxSylwanxx@wp.pl:SW141183 - Valid alex.sascha.v@t-online.de:jeck1212 - Valid kropeczka879@interia.pl:jagoda1991 - Valid bago97@freemail.hu:Hala-Madrid97 - Valid jgarciacm@ono.com:Jovi1982 - Valid nmmer2@web.de:simsons51 - Valid abhi230_awasthi@rediffmail.com:appaappa - Valid lambert-simons@t-online.de:46631174 - Valid rycusfull@interia.pl:lotos246 - Valid adix25@interia.pl:anomalia - Valid hannes.bauer1234@t-online.de:12andreas12 - Valid p.kropp@arcor.de:xseayiw9 - Valid al-der@t-online.de:42nGZTun - Valid k.b.3@t-online.de:1995sebastian - Valid peabiko@interia.pl:kamil05052003 - Valid nsr78@rediffmail.com:integer - Valid shotty@suddenlink.net:shogun01 - Valid ali1973@interia.pl:maluszek1973 - Valid lotto2@poczta.fm:MinokO270 - Valid tevfik.konar@arcor.de:20toyota - Valid stevvon1@arcor.de:stefan123 - Valid ka0s81@alice.it:skintek1981 - Valid superfinki@t-online.de:Catcher10 - Valid tschuffi1@arcor.de:linemaus - Valid mieciu0077@poczta.fm:xxx0077 - Valid piotrekleopold@gazeta.pl:luizka6 - Valid menschly@arcor.de:jasmin26051979 - Valid exekuter@t-online.de:headshot1985 - Valid holger-sperveslage@t-online.de:20sina20 - Valid nobek1234@interia.pl:marcin01 - Valid microvolts@arcor.de:reiemein - Valid karol7130@op.plolska12 - Valid
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