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  1. Can you drop a tutorial on how you were able to card Amazon successfully bro?
  2. I need somebody to help me with how to card and mentor me, I'm hungry and am willing to learn everything step by step to get this money. Hit my ICQ : 714449740 No BS neither...
  3. I'm kinda new to carding. I know the basics but i need someone to teach me the various tricks of the different websites like Amazon, Walmart, Apple e.t.c
  4. antonakiskopelos@hotmail.com:6973679634 >> BALANCE: 0.14 EUR franced92@gmail.com:271292fd >> BALANCE: 11.3 EUR smaclark.70@gmail.com:RS110499 >> BALANCE: 18.0 USD jorgert90@hotmail.com:ipod332gb >> BALANCE: 0.51 USD bizjak3@gmail.com:rekasava >> BALANCE: 5.56 EUR Have Fun
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