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  1. Guys Thanks for the Interest, I can take up to 2 guys to join cashout with me. This is a Serious change to get start working on cashouts. You must have carding experience of at least successfully carded spotify, netflex or something like that. So If you have carded You can PM fast so we could start the work ICQ: 744782502
  2. I was preparing to do the payment processor, So Sorry for late response guys
  3. Hey Guys I'm totally transparent and straight forward. This is not PDF or any shit. I'll teach you everything you need to know 1 on 1 and only to 10 guys. cause I don't have the time. Once after I teach you, You can perfectly use your money to invest on the RIGHT stuffs to start making tons of money. You can start making money within 2 days. and you can repeat the process and make ton of money. When I started I also wasted 2000$ on methods which never worked. Then I figured out the reality of carding and I found my own method and worked like shit without sleep and made 77,400$ Yeah! my target was 75,000 and I have DONE IT! for my college and some of my personal stuffs. After taking my Cashout methods, You'll need around 1500$ to get started making money.
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