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  1. https://mega.nz/#!Df5zVSIb!GSYXqmtgNV7226x-bS0Zqt5nHTg3xX3Qyni1H_Th6Ow 10k access mail Orange
  2. Here we go with sendgrid config Proxies : Yes Number of bots : 100 View attachment 1269 Download Config ==
  3. I don't understand, explain please
  4. Do you have origin and uplay logs?
  5. x) Not that great, waiting for more websites
  6. Euh I don't really know i just heard about this website from you and I tried using french combos but if it's not same with others let me know please
  7. View attachment 1545 Proxies : Yes Bots : 1 - 50 This website bans some countries so I used french proxies or uk x) Link : https://anonfile.com/TaH3Varenc/deliveroo.fr_ini
  8. View attachment 1531 Euh I've just done an email checker but if you wish I'll do full config x)
  9. Hey I'm back sorry, reply to this comment or the post with website link and I'll do the config x) (Excluding; PayPal, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart(working on that)...)
  10. Dude I won't lie amazon is really hard for me, I'm looking for someone who can do that for me and I'll pay x( Nevertheless I'll try Azure
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