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  1. I don’t care what nobody says. There’s no legit site that’s selling dumps with pin.
  2. get some hand sanitizer, put a drop on the card where the numbers are located. rub the hand sanitizer over the part u trying to erase then get a coin and start scratching it off. ENJOY
  3. The reason why these people don’t want to share it is because of greed. Shit it’s more then enough money out there for everybody to win. A person feel as if they giving you the site you gone have the best bins. Like people hate to see motherfuckas trying to win as well
  4. can anybody vouch for cvvblack.cc they selling 20-25 dollar cvv. shit for that price a person can buy fullz on other sites
  5. You don’t need a invite for Joker Stash. Jstash.bazar/ Good look with that site. Lately the avs been messed u with they Cvvs
  6. Everybody be having all these fake ass methods that don’t work for nobody else but them. Like be real. So real time methods and real time purchases with success
  7. Go to Dark.fail It’ll give u all the TOR links. Enjoy
  8. Everyone keep saying joker stash but don’t nobody have the correct link
  9. I have an account with rescator but is wasn’t ws and it was free registration
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