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  1. Can you send me the name of the shop aswell much appreciated
  2. Thank for the help, and is there any proof of this or how can I make sure as I don't want to waste any more money. Any help would be much appreciated bro
  3. I don't remember them of the top of my head but a simple Google search should solve your problem bro
  4. No I didn't my friend, do you have a link that I can access that you know is legit? And if you use it did it ask you for an invite code? Thank for the help bro
  5. Hey guys just a quick question, I have recently bought some cards of jokerstash but I am a bit confused, everywhere I read I see people mentioning that jokerstash requires an invite code, however I downloaded the necessary extension to access .bazar pages and went on jstash.bazar, I made an account and it worked however it did not ask me for any invite code, I however ignored it and bought a few cards of there, all the cards are legit cards as I checked the bins but I just don't know, am I using a scam website and if I'm not is jstash any good? If you could tell me if I am using a scam website or recommend a place to buy cards that is better than jstash then that would be much appreciated, thank you. Sorry for the long post lol
  6. Tried to bang footasylum a few days ago and it didn't bang for me bro, what is your method
  7. Just go to a section of the forum you would like to make a thread from like support or tutorials and there should be a box that says
  8. It's a company that basically accepts your package for you and then sends it to where you want it sent to
  9. I have been carding for a couple of months and I use a forwarding service for carding And it only worked once for an iPhone case lol, im gonna stop using it but I'm not sure if it actually affects your success rate or not. Hope this helps a bit mate
  10. If they're fullz and they're live then you can reset the vbv and card loads of stuff tbh it's all about finding the method for the website which shouldn't be too hard if you reset the vbv
  11. I need them for carding and preferably to reset the vbv
  12. Need someone that sells live fullz. Preferably someone who is verified by the forum??
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