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  1. i dont mind a gming rig,a iphone xs max and air pods dm me if u wanna buy me anything nonetheless thanks
  2. hit me up with a gaming rig dm me need it so bad thank you
  3. thnks but i missed rip
  4. thnks they work i chked guys just look out if the email has that u recieved 120$ email dont click on it its fake n leads u to a scam page so take care
  5. amazon.com,nordvp,paypal,fortnite and psn plz
  6. need amazon.com,paypal,fortnite,spotify,psn plz
  7. any way i can bypass this id verification
  8. hey i need credit crd or paypal or good phone or a good pc for free i need to buy a good pc so i can do my collage projects msg me if u can help also i am new here srry if i broke any rule
  9. i need help paying collage fees you can either help me by giving me a paypal account or send me some stuff so i can sell dm me if interested thnks for the help
  10. dosnt need to have alot of money but even a little bit would help private message me if u wanna help
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