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  1. MrJoker714

    Bank Account info

    Sir i could really use one to pay my electric bill its about to be shut off and winter is well on its way
  2. MrJoker714

    Bank Account info

    Do you have any others?
  3. Let me know if ur lookin for EXCELLENT profiles Drivers Lic included. I GOT U!!! TELEGRAM ME: #mrjoker714
  4. Hey i got great ones pick a city and state male or female......i got them Telegram me: #mrjoker714
  5. Hey i got a couple u can have for free
  6. I have several fully verified PP accts. Let me know if we can do something..
  7. I have a couple let me know.
  8. It you need good ones let me know i have several. I can give u one to try and we can negotiate the rest
  9. Still sitting on a PP acct with a 3500$ cant seem to figure out WTF to do with lt. Let me know if u want it. I will sell or trade for whtvr..... telegram me #mrjoker714
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