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  1. I usually order prepaids, like Chime, Simple, Varo, Revolut, etc. Anything with my name, and a chip, then zap the chip and rewrite the mag.
  2. I use entershop, they hitting both dumps and cvv. https://entershop.st/register/779aeb
  3. Anyone in/near/visits frequently Las Vegas, NV? Looking to get together and run a few schemes with other people, maybe work long term. HMU if you're in the 702.
  4. I have written a guide for cashing out dumps/cvv/NFC through PayPal Here. Done right, this is an easy 2.5-5k a week, instant cashout daily(depends on your atm withdrawal limit). If you want the guide PM, I'm NOT SELLING, it's given freely, but I want to pick and choose who I give it to. There will be future updates, and revisions, as I fine tune the process. This is 100% working, as I use the method myself.
  5. OK, I've got T2 PIN, however, when I go to the atm, invariably it gives me an 03 error, unable to process transaction. Am I running into a region lock? I've verified the ATM will work with T2 P, once the emv chip is disabled by cloning my own bank plastic, disabling the chip, and removing T1. Works fine, can withdraw and everything. However, when I purchase a D P, I always get the unable to process transaction error. Where am I going wrong? I've gotten as far as being able to see the account balance, but couldn't get the ATM to spit out cash. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. You might as well say you're looking for Narnia... Pins are gonna get you ripped hard and fast bro, sick to track 2s, buy stuff and sell it. Way less headache.
  7. You're going to need a little more than just that, like, prior address history, MMN, employment history, credit history.... enroll is tricky to work with, but done right you can make good money, you just can't be in a rush.
  8. Add me on telegram, @kaiwren913, seems we have similar motives and goals.
  9. Putrid, add me on tele, @Kaiwren913, I might be able to help you out, and I won't ask for anything up front
  10. hit me on tele @mouseglove or follow back and pm me
  11. A good one? Verified? You're looking for a unicorn bro, people don't sell d p, save your money.
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