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  1. I received my order. The seller can be trusted, the transaction was conducted without a guarantor
  2. look at that method down below. hope you like it. This is a legit way to make money and im sorry that carding isnt involved but this much i can do. https://bitbin.it/0HEkjLmJ/raw/
  3. https://pastr.io/view/ztJREx that is the link without ads
  4. Are they stolen CC or you make new CC and load them like a prepaid card?
  5. I dont have any cc or anything like that. I just want 1 CC to extract the money and then use that money to create more money, basically catch 22. Thanks.
  6. i can redirect you to some coinbase accounts but im not sure if you could bypass the security, anyways why do you need a coinbase account?(pm me if you dont wanna share your answer).
  7. Are they stolen CC or you make new CC and load them like a prepaid card?
  8. 4737028026784374 10/21 981Matthew England 222 Mallard Drive East North Wales PA 19454 UNITED STATES 2156923152
  9. 4737029083063082 0822 831 - $1.8 - APPROVED! - Zero Auth. - CVV: - #check - BANK: VISA - DEBIT - CLASSIC - UNITED STATES - US - USA - 840 - WELLS FARGO BANK - N.A. - http://www.wellsfargo.com/ - 1-800-642-4720 - Premium Credit: 0
  10. Is there anyone who sells prepaid visa or master cards? also when i buy them can i just get the fullz and not sent to me?
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