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  1. i need help.. for advanced carding step o need a help.. and i gurantee u will not regret cause u help me i help u back.. for those who pro in edit id card and passpport plese PM me ok... i need a buddy to co operation carding a new level lol.. i got a lot of kind statement bank just lack in id and passport.. if u interested to co operation with me plsz pm me.. daa..
  2. maybe server full lol.. limit for 500 user only i think..
  3. i give 2 free server.. there are paid for enter also have..this is free irc.chknet.net 6697 channel #unix irc.hardircd.net 6697 chanel #unix go go go.. just behave urself.. don ever be like uncivilize people.. don ever ask cc to paste on room or u may get banned.. just ait down and wait and copy paste cc when other user sharing
  4. no need to invite dude.. search on google how to get in underworld server in irc.. then u got a way to get public cc dude
  5. yeah u are rite dude.. mirc is my biggest source of public cc since i learn carding about 6 years ago.. the rest is members only need to experiment and keep try carding only.. got a lot of source then u got a lot of choice rite.. ^(×_×)^ yeah yeah
  6. Well just bored then think not all people knew where u can get public cc 24/7 like seven E rite.. So for your infomation where u can get source of cc other then forum is MIRc dude.. Since Computer were made mirc is the best source i think lol based my experience to get valid and fresh cc daily.. here is proof.. u just can used smartphone to carding when u knew how to do it.. :').. but of course by pc or laptop is most the best way.. anyway sharing is no crime rite dude ^(-_×)^... https://ibb.co/kM95hf https://ibb.co/deV0F0 https://ibb.co/jtiWNf https://ibb.co/d8aBNf https://ibb.co/cMpAF0 https://ibb.co/dbxahf
  7. this is private CC View attachment 81 a lot in internet dude.. but carefully not get scam.. find trusted cvv stores lol
  8. Today i want to share method not bluffing one how to card apple. here is proof and u guys may take a visit to that link to see it.. https://postimg.cc/gallery/uc8fj6ys/ u can use any contry cc as long it is private one.. so u better get one from buy from any trusted cvv shop like feshop or cvv.me and manymore lol..for example if u from thailand u can use any cc but i like singapore or malaysia even us cc.. let might u want use malaysia cc.. get 1 private cc and i think i prefer amex.. Method - Use cc country billing address but with receiver name as shipping address.. example u from thailand and use malaysia.. so use any nearby your home as shipping address with fake name but that name is same in billing form.. any address malaysia but same name in both billing and shipping.. phone number only info need to real cause it need for delivery..can u understand guys? it is easy if can attach photo.. 1- Get 1 amex cc from shop and stanby a fake info like address but before that connect to billing ip address 1st okay guys.. 2- Go to Thailand apple store then choose product u want then buy 3- Fill the form exactly like this ok.. fake name...fake bill address( must cc country adress) fake ship address but ur real one phone number.. 4- Don forget to save all info u use when card apple cause in my experience sumtime they will call but in 10 times i card only twice they call.. and all u need to answer is u work at shipping country but u from billing address from is.. if apple call lol.. 5- If u follow this u may succeed like me.. this is 1st time i share my method to forum.. so keep carding and don give up guys.. holla.. peace yaa ^(×_×)^
  9. Soon lol.. for now i on9 use phone.. u will get by just do by your own if u study all my post after this and coming soon...later my pc will done upgrading then u will get a lot valid and fresh method cause this is forum i decide to share my knowledge from what i have succeed and guranteed my method is not copy paste dude.. all in my head.. just waiting a rite time to let it out and the result is fresh method is.. :')
  10. To be a good carders u guys need to know where to find a good source a public Cc and Private that fresh by daily before to get carding.. I suggest u guys find on forum like this or MIRC. That is the most u need badly.. Got a source then u got a lot of choice.. Here is list what u need to carding succesfully nowadays.. 1- Vpn 2- A dozen of shipping forwarding address like comgateway for example 3- Usa Phone number about 2 dozen ( i used so long google usa phone number which u may received sms.. (to get this u must 1st card skype US number lol) 4- U must knew how to find easy and instant deduction websites.. figure out urself.. i never ask sumone sites.. all i do is keep try a new sites everyday and my past experience i make about 30 orders which pass per daily atleast then i will remark and see which is shipping then i keep try which sites is cancel till i succeed.. most importantly u must keep experiment and that why source public cc is important to be pro carder unless u are good one by hack or get cc from dork or wat ever lol.. 5- Make sure time and date in ur PC is sncyronised with IP u connect.. u can check it at whoer.net..
  11. Later will Share site.. alot thing from different stores.. raleigh denim for example
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