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  1. I take only here, already more than 50 deals +++
  2. dude i never say i use the x2 soft, i make skimmers the only fun guy who want for a dumps is you go to get your own dumps
  3. you are a scam looking for somebody to give you number i make 20k a moth dude so shut up
  4. what are u talking about dude??? you want i send to you dumps for make a money yeah right 40/60 but how i know you are not a ripper, if you want dumps get your dumps i have my dumps and dont going give to you
  5. i dont have jabber, but i have wickr is luisalbert2014 or telegram 12055096088
  6. i have the soft but the things is the expiration date when you write the card always is the same 01/312018 and dont work i pay 300 for the soft, in the soft is a icq number but the guy sale the last update he say for 1500 soooo i don know what you thinks guy?
  7. do you have the contact? o know somebody use the soft for work?
  8. hello i saw is some soft for write the chip and is selling for 1500 in x2emv.com but the thing is, the chip can be cloned? and i make a search and that site the people say is a scam i want to know if somebody something about that soft thanks
  9. get vanilla gift card, and you can writer there work really good, and if you are looking for a bank card i know somebody who sell that
  10. I make skimmer for gas pump, where are you from?
  11. yeah of course, go and get your own dumps and stop requesting dumps from the people
  12. is not for free bro i gon to tell you about dumps and do a business 40/60 and he say he has cashier but is all bullshit dont believe in him is a ripper who want for somebody for dumps, @Jefe get your own dumpssss
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