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  1. Nah google play works aslong as the google account is in the same country as the card and has a valid billing address in that country
  2. Ah alright, I have only gotten it to work using a US card and US acc
  3. All we can do is give you tips. Gotta figure it out how to do it yourself. From my own experiences you need a Google play account that is from the same country as the CC
  4. Will you be posting more soon? Waiting
  5. lilladolken


    Worked 35USD, thanks!
  6. lilladolken


    didnt work for me ^^
  7. lilladolken


    dead for 50USD
  8. Ahh, actually didnt know that, thanks for the info. I did know tho that you should never make a deal/payment/trade on that site because its just scammers
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