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  1. Okay thanks bro. So even if the cards have secure code I can't use them on 3D secure site?
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    Finally, needed this for something.... keep up the good work
  3. I would recommend 475132 for ebay (UK DEBIT CC) browse on the site, gather some cookies, add items in and out of your cart. Remember you are trying to make the website beleive as much as you can that you are a genuine customer. If you are US or anywhere else, any debit should bang. Let me know if you manage to get a shippy!
  4. I can teach you the way I spam for cheap usually gets around 10-15 cc's a day
  5. If you are looking to buy from an autoshop, I would recommend our sponsor jstash (jstash.bazar).
  6. I dont think a cc will increase your chances of being caught.
  7. 1- First check the cc and make sure it‘s Valid .. Then Go To www.showmyip.com to make sure that Your Location Is Usa .. if everything is Okay , Go to : www.dell4me.com Or www.dell.com choose Your Item ( Under 450 ) 17-19 Inch LCD Monitors Will Be Okay , Also JukeBoxes will ship . * Make Sure The Item Is In-Stock so there won‘t Be Any Delay Or Chance For Canceling The Order . 2- Click On Add To Cart Then Check Out , You Will Be Prompted To Sign Up For A New User Or Sign In If You Have An Existing Account ( Sign Up For A New Account ) 3- Enter The First And Last Name For Your Drop As The Account First And Last Name In The Sign Up Page , Provide A Valid Email address And Password . 4- You‘ll Be Redirected To The Shipping Info Page , You‘ll Find The First Name and *Note : You Don‘t Have To Provide A Valid Phone Number For Shipping Address , The Billing Phone Also Works For Shipping 5- Choose The Fastest Shipping Method (Next Day Air ) Also 2nd Day air will work , but Make Sure The Total Amount Doesn‘t Exceed 470-480 $ 6- On The Billing Page , Remove The Shipping Info Stored . Then Add The Billing Info Which Must Be Same As stored In Bank ( Make Sure The CC Is 100 % Valid ) The Most IMPORTANT PART HERE IS THE BILLING PHONE NUMBER not calling the card holder , but to verify the info with bank ) 7- Don‘t Choose Any Limit In The Billing Page ( Choose:No Limit ) Click Submit !! B- IF You Intend To Use The Same Card More Than Once To Order More Than 1 Item ; Own Home , Also the items May get returned to shipper before You Recieve Them . 1- Follow The 1st Method For Ordering Single Item With 1 Cc , you‘ll recieve 2 emails after ordering ( Dell Order Acknowledgement - Dell Order Confirmation ) as soon as You Recieve The Second Email Which Is : Dell Order Confirmation check the order status in 10 - 30 minutes IF You See Something Like (In-Production Or Pre-Production ) Go To The Next Step . 2- Make Another Order and which must not exceed 480 $ 4- Repeat This For As Many Times as The Limit Of The CC Allow . 5- Don‘t Make Any Orders If The Previous Order Status Isn‘t ( In-Production OR Pre-Production ) 6- If They Suspect One Of The Orders They Will Cancel All Orders . Ofcourse Next Day Shipping Method Will Decrease The Chance Of Getting Items Returned To Shipper . That‘s All , And Enjoy Your Carding Of DELL If this method worked please reply showing your confirmation Any questions my ICQ :743874934
  8. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/480345245192683521/480346712062296064/Western_Union_BIN_Exploit_400_a_Day_2018.pdf Enjoy, Ky
  9. For WU, you need to be 18 to pick up money
  10. Enjoy, Ky 1. A complete Background Check of the card holder This is because if you are going to try and transfer anything over $100 dollars USD they will ask you various questions such as your previous address, Social security number, Date of birth, Mothers maiden name, what your middle name is, what bank issued you your credit card, etc. In order to get that kind of infomation you will need to go to a site like peoplefinders.com and it costs about $60 for the infomation you might need for western union. 2. Phone spoofer/voice changer You will need this because western union will think you are a fraudster if you arent calling from the card holders phone number so you must use a phone spoofer service to make the caller id at western union come up with the card holders phone number. Basically trick western union into thinking your calling from the card holders house. The voice changer comes with the phone spoofer service and you need this obviously so your own voice isnt being recorded incase of an investication and also if your a male and your using a females cc to get money from wu you will want to change your voice to sound like a female. 3. Call fowarding service This is something you will need because the phone spoofing service blocks 1800 numbers or any toll free phone number. You can only dial 10 digit numbers with phone spoofers so you have to get a call fowarding service so when you call the 10 digit number from the call forwarding service it will foward to western union. 4. Internet phone service If you are located in europe this is a must because it will cost you too much to use the spoofer and call fowarding service and it is also not traceable. I personally use my pre-paid cell phone but i’m located in the USA. After you have got that stuff all set up the first thing you need to do is make sure the call fowarding works and the spoofer works and comes up with whatever number you put in for the caller id. When you finally have that all set up and you have your background check all set up then you go to westernunion.com and make the transfer. After you make the transfer it will most likely say something to the affect
  11. I would recommend using Discover cards on cdkeys.com. Why Discover cards? Don't hate on the little guys. They are really beneficial if you know how to use them correctly. Discover are good because unlike visa, they dont have much security and are easy to get successful transactions. Why don't you just use discover cards for normal carding? I would say they are ideal for giftcards because they are usually low balance (
  12. Walmart.com • Walmart ship to home • No need for old account. • Just get random state cc from preferred bin strong drop state ip. • Shop reasonable amount • Use drops address as both billing and shipping address with drop name on order. Use cc phone number and edit last numbers. Maintain drops name as cc name at payment. Dont check order status after thank you. • Good luck • BIN:400022 Enjoy, Ky
  13. Virginmobile.com • Zip CC. • Like you just go go the site. • Select the phone you want. • They will ask for phone number then you put cc phone number there. • They will again ask for zip then you put your zip there. • Put cc owner name on order use drop address then your email and cc owner number. • They will ask for date Of birth so just select anything reasonable. • Then again you will see account number pin,that one will be used for activation after your drop gets the phone so you type in any 6 Apple.com • Chase Signature cc with BIN:414740 • Use cc holder full info place order and now place order if u get thank u wedge one hour • good at weekends • with good format • if edey preparing to ship en naa that • go chat them to reroute • or request for hold at fedex facility or ups and add ur drops name • 800-1000$ in cart Gucci.com ?? Private cc ?? Bil=CC ?? Good Socks5 same state same country, or the nearest location!
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